City of Ember Chapter 3 “Under Ember” Summary

While reading The City of Ember, our class finished chapter 3. This chapter is about Doon’s first day in the pipeworks. When he pushed open the heavy pipeworks door and walked in, the air smelled strongly of dampness and moldy rubber, which seemed to him a pleasant, interesting smell. When he first walks farther down the pipeworks, he is greeted by Lister Munk (PipeWorks Director.) Lister walks up to him and asks his boot size, large, medium, Or small. Doon answers medium, after a few minutes of Lister retrieving his gear such as tool belt, boots, and a yellow slicker (a plastic suit to stay dry.) Doon was ready to go in to the pipe cavern. Led by Arlin Froll, they descend down a stair case, she told him he would work in tunnel 97 today. He stared hearing a loud noise and thought it was the generator at first, but it turned out to be the river that flowed right under the city, it also supplies the water for the city. This was the first time Doon had ever so much flowing water. During lunch break, he snuck to the generator room (and he knew he was not supposed to be in there without permission from Lister) and waited until someone came out. After a while, a lady walked out and that’s when he put his plan into action. Once he got in the generator room, it was nothing like he expected, it was so loud. He got frustrated because he didn’t understand how the generator worked.

Written by Hayden Crawford and Connor Bardin

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