City of Ember Chapter 4 Summary: Something Lost, Nothing Found

Several weeks after Lina had become messenger she had come home to find Granny searching madly for something, but she didn’t know what it was. All she knew was that it was lost long ago. Lina didn’t see Poppy so she asked Granny but Granny didn’t know either. Granny suggested that she might be down in the shop so Lina hurried to the shop to find her in a wreck of yarn. The next morning Lina stopped by her neighbor, Mrs. Murdo, and asked her to watch Granny because she’s been forgetting things lately.

Lina’s first message was from the guy who ran Callay Street Vegetable Market, Arbin Swinn, to Lina’s friend, Clary, at the greenhouse. The message was to add two extra crates of potatoes and cabbages. So Lina ran over to the greenhouse and delivered the message. Clary said that she could only get two crates of cabbages and one crate of potatoes because some were coming up runny and they smell really bad. When Lina was about to leave a beat up man named Sage came to the door.

Clary told Lina to leave but Lina couldn’t help herself so she ducked behind the tool shed. Clary was struggling to get Sage in so Lina sprang up and helped Clary. Sage told them about his walk outside the dome and how there was nothing there and how he got beat up. Then he got up and left. Lina remembered people who- from her point of view- got these weird flaming sticks and went out of Ember. Suddenly, the bored guards decided to take sage in for the fun of it. After that was over Lina decided to tell Clary about the colorful city that she imagined in her dreams. Clary didn’t think that was possible, but I’m pretty sure that Lina never gives up on that.

Written By Simon Pearl

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