The City of Ember Chapter 6 summary: The Box in the Closet

We read chapter 6 of The City of Ember it was called The Box in the Closet.
It is about when Lina is at work the day after the blackout and she carries the same message 12 times as all of the messengers are. The message was seven minutes. That was how long the blackout was, that was over 2 times as long as the longest one before this. The next day on all of embers kiosks was a notice, the notice read Town Meeting, All citizens are requested to assemble in Harken Square at 6 P.M. tomorrow to receive important information. Mayor Lemander Cole.
As soon as the clocks bong that it is 6 o’clock, Mayor Cole comes out with two guards by his side. He starts shouting through a megaphone but the people in the back could not hear so the people in the front start repeating what the mayor is saying. Once the mayor is finished with his speech the citizens are all mad because to sum it all up he told them, The city is not doing so good we are running out of supplies and our generator is about to go out forever.
When Lina gets home she sees Granny digging through the closet throwing things out of it in this process Lina asks Granny wheres Poppy and Granny says she is behind the couch. When Lina looks she sees Poppy chewing on a piece of paper with a box in front of her. She takes the paper and the box. But when Granny sees it she says “that is what was lost, That was the thing that I needed to find.”
After Lina puts Granny and Poppy to bed she sits down and starts piecing together the parts that Poppy had not chewed up. The next day after work Lina invites Captain Fleery to her house to see if she can make use of this document but she cannot. Since Lina has had a long week, Captain Fleery takes pity on her and gives her the next day off.
The next day after the cities jobs were over Lina invites Lizzie to see if she could help solve the words but she cannot. Or maybe she can but she does not pay attention at all to the document. Since nobody knows Lina tries to find out the answer her self.

Written By Connor Bardin

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