The City of Ember Chapter 11: Lizzie’s Groceries

In chapter 11 of The City of Ember, Lizzie is walking out of her building parking lot that she works in to go home. Lina sees Lizzie and runs to catch up with her so they can walk together. They are having a normal conversation and Lizzie is acting kind of nervous like she did something wrong and Lina noticed the bag that Lizzie was carrying. “Whatcha carrying in there?” Lina asked her and Lizzie said it was just groceries and that she had stopped at the grocery store after work yet Lina saw Lizzie walking out of the parking lot. Lizzie changed the subject to talk about her new boyfriend to Lina when Lizzie tripped onto the ground and the things in her bag came spilling out. Lina looked at what came out of the bag and there it was. Peaches, applesauce, and creamed corn. No one had seen any of those things in years. Lizzie quickly got up and told Lina and the little kids standing around staring at the applesauce that she had found those things on the back shelves in the store and told them that they could have them and Lizzie hurried off to get home. Lina got home and  showed the cans to  Mrs. Murdo and she was shocked. Lina decided she would ask Lizzie about it because Lizzie was hiding something. The next morning Lina saw Lizzie and ran up to her and grabbed a hold of her scarf. They began talking about it and finally Lizzie confessed about the cans. She said that there was this man, Looper who worked in the storerooms and he found this old room marked Empty  with tons of things Ember hasn’t seen in centuries and Lizzie and Looper have been sharing cool things like pineapple. They even found a pair of girls shoes and Lizzie said Lina could come in and check them out and have them if she wanted to. Lina thought about how nice it would be to have a new pair of shoes but she declined and left promising not to tell anyone.

Written by Elena Rehberg

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